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Search, Selection Risk, & Interim Management

Search, Selection Risk, & Interim Management

Augment Leadership through Talent Acquisition and Assimilation.

For Whom:

Hiring good talent is the primary need of all the businesses. Successful senior professionals can have huge performance and growth multiplier effect on businesses.

Our research shows that 85% of the CEOs regularly review human capital function on open positions, aging, and early attrition.

What we offer:

Hire Talent

  • We help hire on the basis of strategic impact expected from the candidate, cultural fit and alignment of purpose.
  • We deliver in 8 weeks from commissioning to offer.

Assimilate to ensure retention and success

  • Our consultants have an in-person discussion intervene every quarter through an in-person or telephonic listening cum coaching for the leader and the manager to help the leader and the business succeed.

Why Us:

Our Key Differentiators


  • Candidates often prefer to be contacted in the evening or over the weekends. In a conventional search firm structure, consultants often prefer to work 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Our consultants work on flexi time focussed on client outcomes. They manage work life balance such that they can contact candidates at their convenience.

Select for Culture and Purpose Fit

  • Leaders often fail in one company and succeed in another, implying they have the functional skills, and failure is determined by the culture fit.
  • Our leadership and culture consultants assess the culture of the organization and individual on multiple dimensions ensure culture and purpose fit, enhancing the chances of success.

Manage Selection Risk

For whom:

Any business that wants to avoid early attrition, wrong hire, capability role mismatch leading to loss in time for the leader to be productive and deliver.

What we offer:

Independent Expert Assessment

  • Assessment of cultural fit and purpose fit by experienced leadership consultants.
  • Assessment of functional capabilities by veteran industry experts.

Independent referenced checks

  • We conduct independent reference checks through our network to avoid wrong hires.

Why us:

Our key Differentiators

Leadership and culture consultants

Our firm is run by highly qualified and highly experienced leadership and culture consultants. They are trained in BEI and have used it extensively. The skills could be leveraged to help decipher the fit of the individual with the organization.

Panel of senior industry Experts

We have a panel of industry experts to interview and assess the functional and respective business capability.

Deep and wide professional network

Our senior consultants and associated industry experts have deep and wide networks which could be leveraged for informal reference checks.

Interim Management: Bridge Gap in Leadership Bandwidth

For whom:

  • Any business that has special strategic projects to be delivered, e.g. an IPO or a new supply chain or setting up HR processes or setting up digital business.
  • Hiring critical positions that may take 6 months to a year and the position needs to be filled in the interim.

What we offer:

Independent Experts for short duration of 6 months to a year

  • Pool of ex CXOs
  • Assessment of functional capabilities and cultural fit

Management of interim project and review of milestones

  • Problem definition and scoping of work
  • Quarterly reviews with the professional and the entrepreneur / CEO

Why us:

Our key Differentiators

Our Network

Deep and wide network of accomplished ex-CXOs

Our experience in management consulting

The experience of our consultants in strategy, supply chain, human capital and technology implementation helps us define the problem and scope the work.