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Productivity & Engagement in Covid Times

Productivity & Engagement in Covid Times

Can you predict performance?

Would you wait till the end of the quarter to see the revenue numbers? - A lag indicator, you can only use to learn for the future. You cannot take corrective actions for the past quarter - an expensive loss today.


Would you rather predict performance for the next quarter?

Watch out for our lead indicators from W.E. Predict™ - predict team performance using AI/ML supported algorithms based on passion, peacefulness, and discretionary effort, driven by employee engagement and well-being, measured by a survey.

Would you like to address the problem before it wastes the crucial quarter in uncertain times?

Every manager, leader, HR professional, and an employee gets a scorecard with identified problem areas and a recommended action plan by our W.E. Prescribe™ algorithm leveraging AI/ML.

Using our W.E. Action™ planning portal managers, leaders, and HR can collaborate with their teams for creating their own action plans or go with the recommendations of our AI engine to create engaged and productive teams.

Avoid unwanted and costly attrition as the market opens again?

Do not take the people for granted. As the market opens business will hunt for performers to capture growth. The competition is already on a prawl for performers.

W.E. Predict™ leverages AI to predict the teams' attrition rate, besides productivity. This groundbreaking technology gives organizations a heads up and helps them to make informed decisions.

A well-researched and proven model

Well-being and Engagement (W.E.) Matter™ model is the world's only contemporary multi-generational model that puts the onus on Manager, Leaders, and Employees for the organization's Engagement and Well-being, enabled by HR. 

The only model that supports predictive and prescriptive analytics through well-researched algorithms supported AI/ML.

Know engagement drivers for your organization or team.

Quick W.E Diagnose™ identifies the high and low impact drivers making sure that you only focus on what matters the most. Our W.E. Prescribe™ technology uses AI and machine learning to generate industry-leading prescriptions for improvement drivers.


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